Septic System Maintenance Program Fee

In 2010 the Wood County Board of Supervisors reinstated a maintenance program fee that is used to fund the County septic system maintenance program. This fee is often referred to as the Wood County Triennial POWTS (Private Onsite Waste Treatment System) Program Fee. This $20 fee will be billed out one time between 2011 and 2013 to all Wood County property owners that have a septic system. The purpose of the program is to maintain inspection and pumping information for all systems and to encourage proper system maintenance that contributes to preserving groundwater and surface water quality. The program fee is used to fund maintenance, program staff and other administrative costs. Having a maintenance program is a requirement of Wisconsin Administrative Code and makes the County eligible for annual grant funding opportunities.

For more information on the Maintenance Program and the Triennial fee, refer to the documents listed below.

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