Land Records Management

Land Records Management

Most of Wood County’s basic services rely on accurate and up to date land information. Services such as emergency management, e911 dispatch, land conservation, resource management, planning, code enforcement and economic development rely on efficient access to land information. Information about addresses, parcels, roads, aerial photography, floodplains, wetlands, public land survey and many others are critical for efficient services. Citizens and businesses also benefit from online access to land information by reducing trips to the courthouse, saving time and money.

The Wood County Land Information Office offers various maps, land records, and datasets online and most are FREE. The most requested information is linked below.

Wood County GIS Data File Downloads

Posted DateFile LinkFormatFile Size
2/16/2016 Road Shapefile Zip 1586 KB
2/16/2016 Address Point Shapefile Zip 2621 KB
1/16/2013 FEMA Flood Hazards - AutoCad Zip 23031 KB
2/16/2016 Parcel Shapefile Zip 10399 KB
2/16/2016 PLSS Section Corners Shapefile Zip 163 KB
2/16/2016 Complete County GIS Dataset (Parcels, Roads, Addresses, etc) Zip 47707 KB
2/10/2014 FEMA Flood Hazards - ESRI Shapefile Zip 19716 KB

Wood County GIS Online Resources

The Wood County Land Records Modernization Plan

The purpose of Wood County Land Records Modernization Plan is to identify areas where land records modernization can be pursued in an effort to attain program goals. Goals of the Land Records Modernization Program are:

  • Eliminate redundancy through the coordination and modernization of existing services provided by and between departments and agencies participating in the program
  • Develop an efficient delivery system for products and services offered to the public
  • Improve the quality of products and services offered to the public

2005 Wood County Land Records Modernization Plan
2010 Wood County Land Records Modernization Plan

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