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Foster Care Program
Posted 4/8/2015 by dschmutzer@co.wood.wi.us

The Wood County Foster Care program is looking for individuals or families who are willing to be a Receiving Home for children who are placed in Foster Care.

A receiving home is a general licensed foster home that signs a contract agreeing to be available 24/7 on an on-call basis to receive emergency placements of children and youth.

Placements are generally short term (1-30 days).

Monthly stipend and additional monthly reimbursement is provided for actual placements.

If you have an interest in learning more, please contact Jean Rader at 715-421-8643 or Grace Bauer at 715-389-0238. 

Or click on the link to direct you to the Wood County Human Services Foster Care web page.

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New Group Home
Posted 3/5/2015 by dschmutzer@co.wood.wi.us
The Wood County Human Services Department (WCHSD), in collaboration with Positive Alternatives, Inc., is scheduled to open an 8-bed resident group home in March 2015. 
The group home will be used only for Wood County adolescents aged 13 – 17. Six beds will be available for traditional long term placements with the other two for brief respite or crisis diversion placements. This group home will allow youth the opportunity to stabilize their behavior or address mental health issues in a structured and safe setting. The home will be staffed with awake staff members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Youth will remain in their home school district and will be provided the opportunity to participate in individual, group and family therapy services in their home community. Group therapy services facilitated by the group home staff will address issues related, but not limited to, anger management, healthy choices, interpersonal relationships, independent living skills, AODA issues, and social skill development. Goals of this collaborative effort between the WCHSD and Positive Alternative, Inc. include: minimizing the traumatic impact of placing youth outside their family home; reducing the length of out-of-home placements; and ensuring youth remain connected with their families, their schools and their community; and promote return to the youth’s home and family as quickly as possible.

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