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Wood County Parks and Forestry

Speed boat on Lake Wazeecha pulling 2 kids on tubes.

Office Information

Wood County Parks and Forestry
Wood County River Block Building (Map)
2nd Floor Room 202
Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm M-F
Reservation Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm M-F
Phone: (715) 421-8422
Email: parks@co.wood.wi.us

Wood County offers visitors a variety of activities at any of our 7 recreational parks, 3 rivers, many lakes, 38,000 acres of county forest land, and 18,500 acres of Wood County State Wildlife Area.

While in Wood County you can enjoy yourself year-round with all types of outdoor fun ranging from ice-fishing to frisbee golf.

For information on what Wood County has to offer contact the Wood County Parks and Forestry Department.

The Wood County Parks and Forestry Office has moved!

Please note our new address information effective April 24, 2017

Regular mail & smaller parcel deliveries:

Wood County Parks & Forestry
111 W. Jackson Street
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495

Large parcel deliveries:

Wood County Courthouse
Attn: Wood County Parks & Forestry
400 Market Street
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495

Parks and Forestry Announcements

2/24/2020 - Snowmobile Trail Updates

Posted 2/24/2020 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

2/24/2020 - Snowmobile Trail Updates -Sandra Green

Powers Bluff Concessions not accepting credit cards remainder of season.

Posted 2/21/2020 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

Powers Bluff will not accept credit cards on the weekends during the remainder of the season. 

15-year plan Forestry Survey, Parks & Forestry

Posted 2/5/2020 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

We are beginning the process to update our Wood County Forest 15-Year Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Once completed, the new plan will guide the management of the Wood County Forest for the years 2021 through 2035.

If you have an interest in the Wood County Forest, will you please complete a very short survey for us? Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Stakeholder Letter

Click this link to take the survey: Forestry Survey

Fritz Schubert, Forest Administrator

Sandra Green, Office Supervisor

NEW SHELTER! White Sands Beach Shelter Available to rent

Posted 1/10/2020 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

We have completely remodeled the shelter(s) at the White Beach Sands area on Lake Wazeecha. Many dates are available for rental.

Rent one side or BOTH sides!

Give us a call if you're interested.

Sandra Green, Office Supervisor

Group Site Fees at North and Dexter Parks have been reduced!

Posted 1/8/2020 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

We have reduced the fees for group camping at North and Dexter campgrounds to what they were in 2018.

Attached are the policies and current fees for both.

Sandra Green, Office Supervisor

Parks & Forestry 2020 Specials Announced

Posted 1/8/2020 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

Announcing 2020 Specials for Parks & Forestry.  

Sandra Green, Office Supervisor

5th Powers Bluff Boutique Vendor & Shopping Event - November 14, 2020 REGISTER NOW!

Posted 1/7/2020 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2020! We will be holding our 5th Powers Bluff Boutique Vendor & Shopping Event only once this year and the date is set for November 14, 2020. Please sign up ASAP to reserve your post for this spectacular event! Looking forward to seeing all of you again!

Sandra Green, Office Supervisor :)

2019-2020 Winter Brochure - 1st Look!

Posted 10/28/2019 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

Attached is the Winter Brochure for 2019-2020.  It will be going to print next week and will have copies in the office in about two weeks.  Thank you and hope to see you this winter!

Sandra Green, Office Supervisor

Wood County Recreation Map

Posted 10/17/2019 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

Dexter ATV Camping Policy & Information

Posted 7/1/2019 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

Map and policy information for the new ATV camping area at Dexter Park.  Please read carefully.  Thank you!

Sandra Green, Office Supervisor

Parks: Must make reservations 7 days in advance!

Posted 6/26/2019 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us


The Wood County Parks and Forestry Department would like to remind our customers regarding our new camping reservation policy at our Dexter, North and South Wood County campgrounds.



As a reminder, our camping reservation procedure has changed beginning in 2019.  Reservations must be made at least seven (7) days prior to your first night’s stay.  Example:  Reservation for camping beginning Friday, July 12 must be made by Friday, July 5th.  If a reservation is not

made, that does not mean you cannot come and enjoy one of our Wood County Campgrounds!  Simply go to the campground, find a site that is not reserved or occupied, and complete the self-registration process at the campground.  You must put a camping unit on the site immediately upon self-registering. 


If you are using our on-line reservation program, and try to reserve a site for a date that is less than the 7-day

minimum, it will show that there are no sites available.  There is a good chance that there are still sites

available, but are only available for self-registration at the campground.  Current site availability can be

determined by going out to the campground or by calling or e-mailing the Parks and Forestry office,

715-421-8422, parks@co.wood.wi.us


In addition, we no longer offer the “buy 4, get the 5th free” special, instead we are running various specials throughout the year.


Thank you. Sandra Green, Office Supervisor and Wood County ATV/Snowmobile Trail Coordinator

Pets in the Parks

Posted 10/30/2018 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us
A friendly reminder to all of our customers that utilize our parks. Your pets
while on any of the parks properties. This is an Ordinance and if violated, you will receive a citation from the park attendant.
Thank you. Sandra Green, Office Supervisor
Chapter 600 .08 ANIMALS (1) Pets. It shall be unlawful for any person to allow pets to enter any public building, bathing beach, picnic grounds, or playgrounds within any county park, or to run at large at any time on county park grounds. In other county park areas and campgrounds, pets are permitted provided they shall at all times be kept on a leash not more than 10 feet long. All pets shall be effectively restrained or under the owner's control at all times. No person shall allow his pet to deprive or disrupt the enjoyment or use of any area by others. Pet owners are required to immediately clean up after their pets

Powers Bluff Long Range Master Plan

Posted 2/2/2017 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us

Pictures of CAMPSITES available on Facebook!

Posted 4/13/2016 by sgreen@co.wood.wi.us
We have uploaded pictures of each campsite as well as dimensions of the sites and pads at each campground on our Facebook page. You can better determine if your camper will "fit" in a particular spot, or if it's too sunny, or not close enough to the water.

Click on "PHOTOS", then click on ALBUMS". Scroll down until you find the album you are looking for. Check out our Facebook page and "LIKE" us. Thank you.