Committees of the Board of Supervisors

The following committees are the main committees of the Wood County Board of Supervisors. Each committee oversees a number of County departments as outlined in the Wood County Committee Structure Chart (PDF). A complete listing of all committees can be found in the Official Wood County Directory (PDF).

Executive Committee
Peter O. Hendler
Hilde Henkel
Trent Miner Chair
Lance A. Pliml
Donna Rozar
Health & Human Services Committee
Tom Buttke Citizen Representative
Michael J. Feirer
Peter O. Hendler
Marion Hokamp
Bonnie Jaecks Citizen Representative
Jeffrey Koszczuk, D.O. Citizen Representative
Douglas Machon
Donna Rozar Chair
Lori Slattery-Smith, R.N. Citizen Representative
Public Safety Committee
Michael J. Feirer Chair
Brad R. Hamilton
Dennis Polach
William Winch
Conservation, Education & Economic Development Committee
Robert Ashbeck
Kenneth A Curry
Hilde Henkel Chair
Bill L. Leichtnam
Gerald Nelson
Harvey Peterson
Judicial & Legislative Committee
Bill Clendenning Chair
Bill L. Leichtnam
Gerald Nelson
Ed Wagner
Highway, Infrastructure & Recreation Committee
Allen W. Breu Chair
Marion Hokamp
Trent Miner
Dennis Polach
William Winch
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