Child Support Pro Se Forms

Instructions for Completing Pro Se Forms

  1. Complete the appropriate parts of the form including the attachment as it applies to your case. The link for the attachment is below.
  2. Sign the completed forms.
  3. Present the document to the Child Support Agency if you have a case with that office or if anyone is receiving or applying for Public Assistance (Medical Assistance, Child Care, Food Stamps, W-2)
  4. Bring in the document for the Judge's signature.
  5. After the document is signed by the Judge, make three (3) copies.
  6. Bring the original document and the three (3) copies to the Clerk of Courts Office for Filing.
    • The original document is kept by the Clerk of Courts
    • The copies are for:
      • Petitioner
      • Respondent
      • Child Support Agency

Before filling out the forms check out some definitions that will help you have a better understanding of the verbiage regarding Custody, Placement and Visitation. See Custody & Visitation Terms and Definitions for more information.

Pro Se Forms

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