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Child Care Certification

Persons wishing to become certified day care providers can contact Wood County Human Services Community Resources Division at 715-389-0241.

Certified day care is required in situations where a person provides care and supervision:

  • For less than 24 hours per day AND
  • For no more than 3 children under age 7 AND
  • To a maximum group size of 6, including the provider’s own children under age 7

Certified providers can care for up to six children at one time, three of which may be under the age of 7 and unrelated to the provider. Certified day care providers have different rules than licensed day care providers; please note that certification does not equal licensing.

Certified providers are eligible to receive reimbursements from the Child and Adult Food Program and can also provide care for children who receive Wisconsin Shares subsidies from the State of Wisconsin.

In order to be certified, required background checks are completed on the applicant and all household members over the age of 12. Providers must also show that they are free of tuberculosis and have completed trainings in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention.

There is a $25.00 certification fee, plus additional fees for each set of backgrounds checks.

There are two types of certification. Regular certification means that the provider has met all of the standards for certification and has completed 20 hours of training. Provisional certification means that the provider has met all of the standards for certification, but has not completed the 20 hours of training.

A home visit must be completed before an applicant can become certified. At the home visit, the applicant will need the following:

  • Proof of Sudden Infant Death and Shaken Baby Syndrome training
  • A copy of the provider's TB test results
  • A well water test report--if the applicant does not have city water
  • Verification of rabies vaccination of all pets in the home
  • A working smoke detector on each floor of the home used for childcare
  • A working carbon monoxide detector

A certified day care provider can have up to six children in his/her care at one time but only three can be under the age of 7.

Benefits of Child Care Certification:

  • Provider is able to care for children whose parents receive Child Care Assistance
  • Provider may participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • Provider may get parent referrals from Child Care Resource and Referral Agency

For more information, including links to all applicable state laws, please see the Department of Children and Families Child Care Certification website.

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