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Child Abuse and Neglect

Child Protective Services (CPS) responds to reports of maltreatment by parents, family members, caregivers or others. CPS represents the concerns of the community regarding families' abilities to adequately meet the needs of their children.

During an investigation, a CPS worker will:

  • Assess the safety of children in the home
  • Identify conditions in the home as well as behaviors and attitudes of parents and other family members that allow them to determine the risk of maltreatment
  • Evaluate whether the family needs services in order to help change conditions related to the risk of maltreatment
  • Introduce Human Services workers as people who can provide help
  • Respond to the immediate needs of the family
  • If circumstances make it necessary, CPS will take action to ensure child safety, which could include removing the child from the home

Child Abuse and Neglect - Frequently Asked Questions

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