Wood County Current Events

Infant Massage Classes Now Being Offered
Posted 9/18/2014 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
Come and learn infant massage. Classes being offered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday October 13, 14, 15th from 11:00am-Noon.

$15.00 for all three sessions. Scholarships are available.

Benefits of Infant Massage
 Promotes bonding and attachment
 Stimulates brain Development
 Helps baby sleep better
 Improves digestion and blood circulation
 Reduces incidence of SIDS
 And many more...

To Register, fill out a registration form or call (715) 421-8911.
Training Available: The ABC's of Behavior in Early Childhood
Posted 9/18/2014 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
Understand what children are communicating
through their behaviors and how to effectively work through those challenging moments.


Tuesday, November 11
MSTC Auditorium, Wisconsin Rapids

Tuesday, November 18
Streitel Conference Center, Marshfield

To register please contact Childcaring by phone
at 715-423-4114 or 800-628-8534 or by email at: info@childcaring.org
Safe Kids Wood County Coalition Members
Child Passenger Safety Advocates Recognized
Posted 9/11/2014 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
Green Bay, WI - The 40th annual Wisconsin Governor’s Conference on Highway Safety was held at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, WI August 27 & 28, 2014. Three Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Advocates were recognized during the awards luncheon.

Each year Wisconsin Information Network for Safety recognizes an outstanding CPS Technician, CPS Instructor and CPS Program of the year that have been nominated by their peers/co-workers. The awards are in honor of Beth Kindschi of Monroe, WI who is a lead instructor and pioneer in the field of child passenger safety in Wisconsin and on a national level.

Motor vehicle crashes continue to be the number one cause of death and fatalities of children. Child Passenger Safety advocates promote the safe transportation of children by using child restraints and educating parent/caregivers on using car seats and boosters correctly.

CPS Technician of the year: Mary Waters, EMT/First Responder River Falls Ambulance Services has been a NHTSA certified Child Passenger Safety technician for 11 years. She was instrumental in developing the car seat safety program in West Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council and serves as an expert to many technicians who follow her lead.

CPS Instructor of the year: Patti Dickey (retired) Executive Director of Stevens Point Child Safety Center has been involved in Child Passenger safety for 32 years. She became a NHTSA CPS instructor in 2003 and provided over 500 car seat checks annually through the Portage County Child Passenger Safety Program and provided other safety initiatives.

CPS Program of the year: Safe Kids Wood County is a small coalition with programs and initiatives led by coalition members. Wood County developed one of the first diversion programs in the state of Wisconsin, which is collaboration with law enforcement of Wood County. Ticketed caregivers can attend a car seat checkup for education in lieu of paying a fine.

Each recipient was presented with a plaque at the luncheon.
Posted 9/11/2014 by hgehrt@co.wood.wi.us
This project has been currently put on hold and the refilling of Dexter Lake has been started as of 09-11-2014. No further draw downs will occur this year.

Beginning on Tuesday, September 02, 2014, Dexter Lake will be lowered at a rate of 4 inches per day until the lake has been lowered a total of 3 feet.
The purpose of the water lowering is to enable the Department of Transportation to complete necessary repairs to the Highway 80 bridges adjacent to Dexter Lake.
During this time the boat landings may become unusable to boaters.
This project is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.
Food Safety Class
Posted 8/20/2014 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
A food safety education class is being offered on the first week day of each month in Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield. Interested persons must contact the Wood County Health Department prior to the class 715-421-8911.
Distinguished Public Health Employee
Posted 7/31/2014 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
Congratulations to Amanda Melinski, Wood County's Distinguished Public Health Employee!

We recognize Amanda for her positive attitude, dependability, and outstanding work performance. Amanda has exceptional people skills and always displays a high standard of customer service, going above and beyond to seek out answers and resources for her clients. Her dedication, initiative and positive attitude radiates throughout the department.

The quality of work she produces is outstanding. Over the past two years, she has taken on many new tasks, welcoming new challenges and learning opportunities. She has embraced change and completed training in many areas, making her a strong asset to the teams she is a part of. As an exceptional team worker, Amanda is always willing to help others and do so with a smile. Doing all of the work she does takes extraordinary flexibility and time management skills.

We thank Amanda for her hard work and dedication as she strives to fulfill the mission and goals of the department. It is with great pride and honor that we commend Amanda for her accomplishments.
Spray Manure Irrigation
Posted 7/31/2014 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
At the July 28, 2014 Health and Human Services Committee meeting at the Wood County Annex and Health Center in Marshfield, Nancy Eggleston, Environmental Health Supervisor gave a presentation on spray manure irrigation. The intent of the presentation was to provide Committee members with information about this agricultural practice-- what spray manure irrigation looks like, advantages and disadvantages, risk reduction methods, regulations, public concerns, and the State and local Health Department roles. To view this presentation, please see the link provided.
Housing Repair Loans
Posted 6/6/2014 by jgrueneberg@co.wood.wi.us
Are you in need of funding for home repairs but unable to secure a loan? If so, please consider applying for a Central Wisconsin Housing Region loan. The loans are available to:

• Low-to-moderate income (LMI) Wood County residents with owner-occupied homes.
• Owners of rental units in Wood County that rent to low-to-moderate income (LMI) tenants.

The Central Wisconsin Housing Region covers Adams, Green Lake, Juneau, Marathon, Marquette, Portage, Waupaca, Waushara and Wood County. The program administrator is the Juneau County Housing Authority. This is a program that was created to ensure the community’s ability to conserve, rehabilitate and improve residential properties occupied by low-to-moderate income (LMI) residents.

Click below to download the Central Housing Region Brochure.

For more information and application materials contact:

Central Wisconsin Housing Region
Program Administrator
Juneau County Housing Authority
717 E. State Street
Mauston, WI 53948
(608) 847-7309

Courthouse Parking
Posted 4/16/2014 by webmaster@co.wood.wi.us
In April 2014, road construction began near the Courthouse at the intersection of Baker Street and Market Street.

As a result, access to the Baker Street parking lot has changed. Please refer to the attached map for details.
Posted 4/7/2014 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
National Public Health Week 2014: Overview

Since 1995, communities from across the country have participated in National Public Health Week. Every April, we come together to celebrate public health and renew our commitment to promoting a healthier nation using a unique theme to center the conversation. NPHW 2014 will focus on ways to guide the community through the evolving public health system with the theme: “Public Health: Start Here.”

As we invite communities to join NPHW 2014, let’s work to help them understand how public health affects their lives and offer guidance on how to navigate the changing system. Whether it’s through research, data collection, health education, policy change or direct services, public health lays the foundation and creates the conditions
that put healthy choices within reach. Let’s help our communities figure out where to start and how to access the variety of options made possible by public health.

A recent change that will impact the public health system is the enactment of certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Taking two U.S. health systems — public health and health care — and bringing them into each other’s world, the ACA envisions more collaboration between the health workforces to save lives and money. The ACA signals a shift in our nation’s health system from one that focuses on treatment of the sick to one that is committed to proactively keeping people and communities healthy and safe. Included in the historic law are comprehensive prevention provisions consistent with those called for by APHA in its health reform agenda and supported by other leading experts in population health.

National Public Health Week 2014 will fall at a critical time in the ACA process — just after the first Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment period ends on March 31, 2014. This will be an important opportunity to rally stakeholders and members of our communities together around the value of public health. We need you to participate, and to remind your communities that public health professionals can help them navigate these changing times.
Posted 12/13/2013 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
December 13, 2013

Since November 1, 2013, Marathon County Health Department, Portage County Health and Human Services, and Wood County Health Department have seen a significant rise in positive cases of laboratory confirmed pertussis (whooping cough) in students attending several different schools and organized activities within Central Wisconsin.

As a part of the follow-up procedure, Public Health staff within the health departments and agencies throughout Central Wisconsin continues to identify close contacts of positive cases of pertussis, impacting classrooms, organizations, and school sport activities. Pertussis is a highly contagious bacterial disease. It is important for suspect cases to be evaluated by health care providers.

It is equally important for identified close contacts of pertussis to contact their health care providers for a preventive antibiotic prophylaxis if they have no symptoms, and for testing and treatment if they are symptomatic. It is very important that any person for whom pertussis is suspected to be tested and remain isolated until the results of the test are known. State Division of Health suggests the following guidelines in identifying, isolating, testing and treating suspect cases of pertussis:
•Symptoms in the early phase are cold-like with mild cough and progress to uncontrollable and persistent cough that may include whooping and vomiting.
•Symptoms develop about 7 to 10 days after exposure to the bacteria.
•The cough usually lasts about six weeks, but the untreated patient usually remains infectious for 2 to 3 weeks.
•The treatment of choice is usually azithromycin or clarithromycin.
•Infants and people with a weakened immune system like cancer have the highest risk of complications and may need hospitalization.
•Cough mixtures, expectorants and/or suppressants should NOT be used and help very little.
•Immunization with D-tap or T-dap is still the best defense against the disease.
•Individuals suspected of having pertussis should be isolated until the initial 5 days of antibiotic treatment are completed.
•Women in their third trimester of pregnancy should receive a Tdap immunization with each pregnancy

The outbreak of pertussis continues throughout Wisconsin. Some parents are compliant with their children’s immunizations or because their children have been treated in the past for pertussis. As a result, parents may dismiss symptoms of pertussis as a cold or respiratory ailment such as asthma or allergies. In many of the investigated confirmed positive cases of pertussis, patients have reported milder symptoms of the disease and generally not the ‘whoop’ or uncontrollable cough, especially for patients that are currently immunized against the disease.

It is important to remember, that if you suspect pertussis in yourself or a family member to contact your local health care provider. If tested, and symptomatic, avoid public congregations such as work, school and other social settings until test results are known. If treated for symptoms, you must follow the antibiotic treatment as prescribed and remain at home until treatment is completed. If not tested by your health care provider and treated as a presumed positive case for pertussis, you must remain isolated at home for 5 days – until the antibiotic treatment is completed. Pertussis is a reportable disease to local health departments and Public health staff is required to follow up with positive cases and close contacts to patients with Pertussis. Check with your health care provider or local health department to see if you and your family are up to date with DTap or Tdap vaccine doses. As a good public health measure toward prevention wash your hands often and keep coughs covered.

For additional information contact your local health department (may list specific contacts) or visit http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/immunization/pertussis.htm

Healthy Living Programs FALL 2013
Posted 8/27/2013 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
The Aging & Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin announces their fall program schedule for the Wood County area. Please see the document attached. These programs are evidence-based programs for older and/or disabled adults and provide a variety of health benefits. These include classes specific for balance, strength, flexibility, fall prevention, chronic disease management, bone health, and overall physical activity and mobility.
Wood County Outdoors!
Posted 8/1/2013 by hgehrt@co.wood.wi.us
Are you interested in Wildlife and what happens to it in our area? Do you want a way to voice your opinion on how it should be managed?
If so, then WE WANT YOU.....to join the Wood County Wildlife Area Advisory Committee.
This Committee currently has (1) opening for a 3 year term. This Committee meets 4 times a year in January, April, July, and October on a Tuesday evening at the Sandhill Wildlife Area.
If you are interested, please fill out the attached form and mail it back to the Wood County Park & Forestry Department.
Powers Bluff Long Range Plan
Posted 10/19/2012 by hgehrt@co.wood.wi.us
This is a .pdf file and is very large. It may take a few moments to download.
Pets In The Parks
Posted 6/28/2012 by hgehrt@co.wood.wi.us
Per our ordinance 600.08 (1) Pets.
-It shall be unlawful for any person to allow pets to enter any public building, bathing beach, picnic grounds, or playgrounds within any County Park, or to run at large at any time on County Park grounds.
-In other County Park areas and campgrounds pets are permitted provided they shall at all times be kept on a leash not more than 10 feet long. All pets shall be effectively restrained or under the owner's control at all times. No person shall allow his pet to deprive or disrupt the enjoyment or use of any area by others.
-Pet owners are required to immediately clean up after their pets.
Community Health Improvement Planning Process
Posted 5/4/2012 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
The Wood County Health Department, in partnership with Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital and Riverview Medical Center, is in the process of completing a Community Health Improvement Plan.

This process includes examining local county health data, identify local priority health areas, and identify community assets and resources.

Once our local priorities have been selected, community members will be asked to join implementation teams to assist in developing goals and objectives around these identified local health priority areas.

They will identify and develop evidenced-based strategies for the local health priorities, promote and implement these strategies, and evaluate the success of the strategies. Resources will be identified to mobilize the community to improve the health of Wood County residents.

We would like you to identify the Health Focus Areas that should be the priorities for the community for the next few years.

Considering the information (data) available on the Wood County Health Department website, the typed discussion points made by the Community Assessment Team, as well as your personal experience and insight, please complete the following survey.
Where we live, learn, work and play matters to our health
Posted 2/1/2012 by cmarkworth@co.wood.wi.us
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute have unveiled the second annual County Health Rankings. Nearly every county in the country is ranked on health outcomes (how healthy we are) and on health factors (how healthy we can be). This information helps counties see where they are doing well and where they are not, so they can make changes to improve health. Visit the link below for more information.