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Electronic Monitoring Program

Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)

EMP Coordinator
ALPO Joseph Keena
Phone Number
715-421-8768 (8am - 4:30pm M-F)
After Hours Emergencies Call

Introduction to the EMP Program

The Wood County Jail Electronic Monitoring Program is an opportunity that is available to inmates who meet the qualifications. The Electronic Monitoring Program is a privilege – not a right. The Electronic Monitoring Program allows inmates to serve their jail sentences outside the jail. This will allow them to maintain family relationships and/or fulfill their employment responsibilities more efficiently.

The applicants of the Electronic Monitoring Program must complete the booklet. If you have any questions about the program, you may call the EMP Coordinator. Once the application is received, it will be reviewed and a written response will be sent to you with the decision if you are accepted or denied for the program.

To be placed on the Electronic Monitoring Program the inmate must report drug & alcohol free. They must be serious about serving their sentence in a cooperative and positive manner. in the Electronic Monitoring Program must meet the same requirements for employment as is required of Huber Law inmates in the Wood County Jail. Inmates who are not able to abide by the rules of the Electronic Monitoring Program will lose the benefits the program offers and be returned to jail for the remainder of their sentence. At the discretion of the staff, inmates selected for the program may do all or only part of their sentence on the program. Electronic Monitoring Program inmates will be required to sign an agreement to follow all program rules. "

This handbook contains the information you will need to know while serving a sentence on the Electronic Monitoring Program. You are expected to read all the information in this book and will be held responsible if a rule is violated. It is important to remember that the Electronic Monitoring Program is a privilege and may be revoked any time for violation for program rules.