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PRESS RELEASE Wood County Circuit Court May 12, 2020

Posted 5/12/2020 by Wood County Clerk of Courts


Wood County Circuit Court

May 12, 2020

Due to the ongoing orders regarding COVID-19 virus additional changes in scheduling are being implemented. 

Jury trials will not be scheduled until further order of the court but not before June 30, 2020.

If you are scheduled to be in court, you should contact your attorney immediately.  If you are not represented, you should contact the Clerk of Circuit Court or the Court Branch in which your hearing is scheduled.  Parties will be allowed to appear by phone when possible.  Most matters will be reset if requested.

Our intent is to try to keep the public safe, while recognizing that some court operations must proceed.  Use common sense and wash your hands before and after any visit to the Courthouse.

You may contact the Courts by calling:

            Clerk of Circuit Court                       715-421-8490

            Branch 1 (Judge Potter)                  715-421-8520

            Branch 2 (Judge Brazeau)             715-421-8518

            Branch 3 (Judge Wolf)                    715-421-8415