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Wood County Well-Water Systems Program

(Tentative Effective Date of 1/1/2022)

Wood County is pursuing implementation of a county private well – water systems program. The Department of Planning and Zoning (DPZ) is developing an ordinance that allows local administration pertaining to Wisconsin Administrative Code - Chapters NR 812 and NR 845 – Well Location, and Well and Drillhole Filling and Sealing. DPZ will be the program administrator.
DRAFT Wood County Private Well – Water Systems Ordinance #708

The overall goal of the program is to protect Wood County’s drinking water and groundwater resources. The program provides the opportunity to protect public health and the environment as well as provide for the protection and safety of county citizens by inspecting new and existing well installations, discovering old wells that should be filled and sealed, and learning more about groundwater and soil conditions within the county.

Wood County administers the following delegation levels:

Level 1 – Private Well Location: Responsibilities include issuing well location permits for and inspecting new, replacement, reconstructed or rehabilitated private wells.

Level 5 – Well and Drillhole Filling and Sealing: Responsibilities include requiring the filling and sealing of all unsafe, hazardous, noncomplying and unused wells.

A county well location permit must be obtained by a property owner or their designated agent whenever a private well is constructed, reconstructed or replaced anywhere in the county. Drilled, driven point, dug, bored, and jetted wells require a well location permit. Below are a variety of useful forms and resources related to the program:

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Well Driller Viewer provides an interactive map that details specific setback, construction and approval information to assist well drillers in planning projects and meeting requirements of NR 812. WDNR – Well Driller Viewer

Additional information about the program is available on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website. Well – Private Water Systems Program

Any questions can be directed to: Adam DeKleyn, County Planner, at (715) 421-8568 or via email at adekleyn@co.wood.wi.us; and Scott Custer, Code Technician, at (715) 421-8471 or via email at scuster@co.wood.wi.us