Wood County, Wisconsin

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Sleeves Up For the Kids! Grant

The Wood County Health Department has been awarded the Sleeves Up for the Kids grant to help increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake by residents of Wood County. This grant focuses on incentivizing children, parents and adults working with the early childcare and education workforce who are vaccinated for COVID-19 after May 15th, 2021 and before August 1st, 2021. Individuals who currently live, work, or attend school in Wood County and are vaccinated during this time period and are eligible (requirements below on flyer) can enter a drawing by completing a short survey on our website or Facebook page to win one of many cash drawings for $100 or $50.

To view program information for childcare programs click here.

To view more information on these programs, click here to access the Parent Packet

If you are eligible please go to Sleeves Up for the Kids or scan the QR code below to enter for a drawing to win cash prizes.