Norwood Units

Norwood Health Center provides patient care through the following four units:

  • Admissions
    Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
    Admissions, licensed as a specialty hospital, provides a wide range of services to persons experiencing acute psychiatric crisis. Our highly trained professional staff includes nurses, psychiatric technicians, social workers, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, who work as a team along with the patient to return him or her to the community setting quickly.
  • Crossroads
    Long-Term Care Unit for the Chronically Mentally Ill
    Crossroads is licensed as a nursing home and is a long-term care program designed for treatment of individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Each individual in this residential setting receives the support they need based on their unique strengths and challenges. Individuals are supported to allow them assert as much control over their lives as possible. We want to support residents to grow and heal by providing numerous opportunities and activities that help them structure their daily life in enjoyable and fulfilling ways.
  • Pathways
    Subacute Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit
    Pathways is an eight-bed, post-acute rehabilitation program, licensed as a nursing home, and is another step in providing treatment for a person who has had a brain injury. Our focus is for the participant to return back into their community using a participant/family centered and results oriented approach.
    For more information, check out the Pathways Unit Homepage.
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