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Propane Shortage
Posted 3/3/2014 by schristensen@co.wood.wi.us
January 29, 2014

Propane Shortage Update - Wood County

The propane shortage continues to impact residents of Wood County. The Wood County Emergency Management Office, along with other agencies, will be coordinating local efforts to provide assistance to those residents in need.
The State of Wisconsin has allocated additional funding to energy assistance programs for those that primarily heat with propane. Income levels are 60% of the State Median Income (SMI) for the WI Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP).

Household Size Gross Income Limit(3 Months)
1 $6,173
2 $8,073
3 $9,972
4 $11,871
5 $13,771
6 $15,670
7 $16,026
8 $16,382

Residents are urged to contact the Wood County Energy Assistance Program as the first step in securing energy assistance. Please contact Energy Assistance staff at: 715-421-8654 or 715-421-8642 because of the increased number of requests callers should be prepared to leave a message containing their name, address, telephone number, propane vendor name, and the percentage of gas left in their tank. Energy Assistance staff are working to ensure that all phone calls are returned on the day they are received.

If it is determined that the caller does not qualify for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program, they may be eligible for the Keep Wisconsin Warm Fund Program. Income levels have been increased to 80% of the State Median Income (SMI) for KWWF.

Household Size 3 Month Income 80% SMI
1 $8,231
2 $10,763
3 $13,296
4 $15,828
5 $18,361
6 $20,894
7 $21,368
8 $21,843
9 $22,318
10 $22,793

Residents are cautioned that it may take some time to get a delivery so they are urged to call for assistance once their tank reaches 25%.

Wood County departments are hearing concerns from families who do not qualify for state assistance but are having a hard time finding or affording propane. We will continue to work to resolve issues regarding access to propane. Prices have risen dramatically in the last few days, putting a financial strain on already tight budgets. If you run out of fuel and need to leave your home follow the link at the bottom for some tips on winterizing your property.

If you do need to vacate your home, first attempt to find shelter by staying with a friend or family member. If that is not a possibility, please call the dispatch non-emergency number 715-421-8700. If necessary, Wood County Emergency Management/Red Cross will open a shelter for residents in need of a place to stay until fuel can be delivered.

If your vendor is unable to fill your contract or you have concerns over pricing, consumers should call the State DATCP’s Consumer Complaint Hotline at 1-800-422-7128. Complaints can also be filed online at the link below.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has created an Emergency Loan Guarantee Program for Certified Propane Dealers. According to Jonathan Bartz, Regional Account Manager with WEDC, the aim of this program is to provide an incentive to financial institutions to extend lines of credit to propane dealers in Wisconsin so that they can meet the demands for this critical heating fuel. Dealers can visit the webpage listed below for more information.

Any updates to this information will be posted on the Emergency Management website.